.Lotus Farm Designs.

Lotus Farm Design. You may be thinking, “Why is it Lotus?”  I love what Erin Martinez says on her website about her business’ name.   “Lotus Farm Designs was born from the idea of creating something beautiful from simple things. The lotus grows from the mud into something of beauty, elegance, and simplicity. I do my … More .Lotus Farm Designs.

.Pink Zebra.

                 What?? I know I was wondering what that name was too!!  WELL, it is an awesome product that you should totally check out! Do you like nice little smell goods?  Me too! Well Pink Zebra is the product for you!  They carry “Sprinkles” and you can put them in your … More .Pink Zebra.


                    How fabulous are these pictures?!  These must have been done by a professional from New York or LA, right?!  Well, LA is correct if you meant Louisiana!  These pictures were taken by my best friend’s super talented sister, Breanne Mertz.  One of my new friends, Kasie Nelson, did our makeup … More .Photography&Makeup.