.Lotus Farm Designs.

Lotus Farm Design. You may be thinking, “Why is it Lotus?”  I love what Erin Martinez says on her website about her business’ name.   “Lotus Farm Designs was born from the idea of creating something beautiful from simple things. The lotus grows from the mud into something of beauty, elegance, and simplicity. I do my … More .Lotus Farm Designs.

.Olive {you}.

                Well I hope yall have all had a great start to your fall!!  It’s been such a busy time with AllState and Hoco that I’ve been out for a while!! BUT, “olive you” still;) Like I’ve told you before, I LOVE OLIVE.  Not so much the food, but the color. … More .Olive {you}.


                    How fabulous are these pictures?!  These must have been done by a professional from New York or LA, right?!  Well, LA is correct if you meant Louisiana!  These pictures were taken by my best friend’s super talented sister, Breanne Mertz.  One of my new friends, Kasie Nelson, did our makeup … More .Photography&Makeup.

.Senior Year.

                               YA’LL!! It’s time for Senior Year!! I literally cannot believe it! Just 3 years ago I was terrified about going to a large High School! Well….I obviously wasn’t thinking straight because my God is SO much bigger than high school. He has control over everything and … More .Senior Year.

.Small Town.

  Hey everyone!!  Sorry I’ve been gone a while, I have had a super busy week doing “senior things”.  Lol It’s been Senior Week and we had an eventful, busy, fun week and I am so glad it’s over now!  Boy, is being a senior exhausting!  Phew!  I had a great week but it’s one … More .Small Town.


Starting something a little different for me, yet something I’ve always wanted to do.  After reading Callie’s blog, my cousin, and Taylor’s fashion blog, my boyfriend’s sister, I finally did what I have said I would do and am now starting this blog on life. So thanks to Cal and Tay for the inspiration and … More Ready…Set…BLOG