.Lotus Farm Designs.

Lotus Farm Design. You may be thinking, “Why is it Lotus?”  I love what Erin Martinez says on her website about her business’ name.   “Lotus Farm Designs was born from the idea of creating something beautiful from simple things. The lotus grows from the mud into something of beauty, elegance, and simplicity. I do my … More .Lotus Farm Designs.


        A lot of us “thank God for His blessings”.  When do you, though? Recently, I was listening to a sermon from Loui Giglio called Eyes Up.  I didn’t know this, but in the bibledays, the people would take each step of the synagogue and pray, worship, praise, learn, etc on each step of … More .Expectant.

.Senior Year.

                               YA’LL!! It’s time for Senior Year!! I literally cannot believe it! Just 3 years ago I was terrified about going to a large High School! Well….I obviously wasn’t thinking straight because my God is SO much bigger than high school. He has control over everything and … More .Senior Year.