.Pink Zebra.

instagram: Dust n Lace




 What?? I know I was wondering what that name was too!!  WELL, it is an awesome product that you should totally check out!

Do you like nice little smell goods?  Me too! Well Pink Zebra is the product for you!  They carry “Sprinkles” and you can put them in your warmer to melt the wax of most any flavor!  They have scents from tropical and citrus, to cotton clean smells.  They also have seasonal scents such as pumpkin amber (one of my favorites), coffee (any coffee addicts in the room?!), fireside, and much more!!

If you like Bath&Body Works, this again, is perfect for you!! I have my favorite scents from there and Pink Zebra can match a scent if they havnt already created one similar!  Pink Zebra has so many match scents.
Pink Zebra’s newest addition to their line is lotion!! You can buy your “Soaks” scent and add to your loation.  It is super easy and you can add as much or as little as you please!

Pink Zebra also carries car diffusers to hang on your rearview mirror!  There are feminine and masculine cards to hang, and also have Word hangers that are pictured above! They have Peace and Love.
I love my scents that I have so far and cannot wait to pick up some more!!  You may be wondering where to buy!  Well, you can contact Elizabeth Balsamo to buy some from The RebelStore in West Monroe, or, if she is out of that scent, she can order it for you!  You can pick them up from The Rebel Store or she can meet you with your purchases! 


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