A lot of us “thank God for His blessings”.  When do you, though?

Recently, I was listening to a sermon from Loui Giglio called Eyes Up.  I didn’t know this, but in the bibledays, the people would take each step of the synagogue and pray, worship, praise, learn, etc on each step of the stairs.  They thanked God.  They praised God for what He was going to do in the future before He worked.

If we say we have faith and are “expectant,” then why aren’t we living like it.  Why aren’t we praising God weeks before that Sunday Night of Worship?!  Why not in advance thank Him for moving before He does to show Him that we acknowledge His power and have faith in Him.  We should rely on Him alone.
I believe if we had true faith and were so expectant of Him, we would see mountains move. I mean literally and not cliché at all.  We could visually watch mountains move.  I know it sounds crazy, weird, and big, BUT we serve an even BIGGER God!  People wonder why we don’t see God-sized miracles happy, but are we praising Him for doing them before?

I tend to wonder what life on Earth would be like if we were expectant of God.  I think the conversations we have, our actions that we choose to live out, the people we come in contact, and our intentions of everything would be shaped on God’s power and faithfulness.  We would pray God-sized prayers and see God-sized miracles.  
Notice I did not say “big worded” prayers…  God doesn’t care about the big words and sometimes we can get caught up in that.  God cares about the inward motivation of our heart.  He knows our prayer and our cries.  He loves us and just wants to talk.
As this weekend is starting up, begin to pray God-sized prayers and be expectant!!  Go ahead and thank Him now for moving this upcoming Sunday.  Thank Him for healing that person.  Give Him glory for moving at your workplace/school campus.  Praise Him because HE IS WORTHY TO BE PRAISED.





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