.Hey Stranger.






 Now I know that’s what you are all thinking.. “Hey, Stranger!”  And I have no words but I’m so sorry!  Well actually, you know me and you know that’s not true.  I have A LOT of words! HA!  I could talk to a brick wall and that’s no secret;). 

It has been a crazy time!  With school starting, my 18th birthday, choir AllState auditions, and so much more, it has been super busy!!  I started off school and it has already gone by so fast!  Every day I blink and the day is over.  I blink again and the next thing I know, the week is over!!  I had a great first start of school and now it’s October!!  An entire school six weeks is already over and before I realize it, the next six weeks will be over too!

I hope you have all had a great start to your school year whether you are a student, parent, or teacher! And if you aren’t any of those, then hope you have had a great start to your fall!
Fall is my FAVORITE season!  I am obsessed with the colors of fall, the clothes of fall, and the festivities of fall!  Maroon, olive, mustard; I love these colors!!  While I love them, my wallet does not because that is all my wardrobe becomes when Fall hits!  So say goodluck to your wallets, and buy you some new fall colors for a little “happy” for yourself!  I know I will!!
Yall have a great week and I can promise you, you will be hearing from me very soon and very often!  

Smile for someone this week!! You never know how far that one smile will go.


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