.Senior Year.







 YA’LL!! It’s time for Senior Year!! I literally cannot believe it! Just 3 years ago I was terrified about going to a large High School! Well….I obviously wasn’t thinking straight because my God is SO much bigger than high school. He has control over everything and I knew that. But the time leading up to my freshman year, I was letting fear blind me instead of fully relying on Christ alone! But, God has shown me who He is and how He loves me whether I acknowledge it or not, accept it or not, want it or not, or return it back or not. Thankfully God’s love is so much bigger than I can ever imagine it!

Right now God has shown me so much through the end of Junior year, the summer, and even just the first week of school! I know God has called me to live a life proclaiming Christ to all people and share my story. He wants me to put Him first, let Him have control, and let Him have the reigns. God calls us to a high standard and we have to lead well by His strength alone.
A life of prayer is so important. Prayer is our direct connection to Christ. I must stay in continuous communication with Him. He knows my every thought, move, word spoken, tear fallen, the big things, and even the little things that I see having no importance. God tells us to “Pray without ceasing” and that is something I am so thankful for. Not only does God allow us to pray (direct communication- speaking and listening), but He commands us!

A couple years ago, someone in my youth group told me of the phrase, “breath prayers.” That means throughout the day when I see someone in a wreck, I pray for them there in the moment. When I am walking to a class for a test, I pray for guidance and wisdom. When I feel that my meaningless thoughts are captivating my mind and I am letting lies consume my head, I pray for God’s promises to remain in my heart and recall what God has shown me. I pray that He would continue to show me His love and ask that He would help me remember how He has remained faithful through the good times and in times of tribulation. Most importantly, I pray to let Him know I love Him, I am thankful for Him, and I desire Him.

God has called us to lead. And we must lead well. This year as a senior, I know that I have even more responsibility than ever before. It is crazy to think that it is my senior year already. I feel like just yesterday I was riding to school with my cousin (he was a senior) feeling so small going into such a big school.  God showed me that’s how His love is.  When I felt like I was sinking in an ocean of people, that’s how God showed me, “See, even in this new place, even in a ton of people, and even through your fear, I love you so much!! My love for you is deeper than the ocean.  And instead of thinking ‘wow I am so small’, think, ‘Thank you God for being so BIG.‘” 
For me, probably the most important thing I have learned so far through High School is to stay true to who God calls you to be.  I know that I have matured and grown since my freshman year (hopefully you have as well in 3 years time too!) and God has shown me so much through these times, but I know God doesn’t want me to stray away from the course He set before me.  He has called me to stay focused on Him, set my eyes on things above, and share God’s grace with others through my life, actions, and words!  Growing and maturing is a good thing, but changing who I am, who God has called me to be, and my core morals/virtues is not a good thing!  I believe I am supposed to “march to the beat of my own drum” as my Daddy has always told me!  If the crowd says to continue with whatever everyone else is doing because “it’s cool”, “people will like you”, “you’ll be accepted” etc., don’t listen to that!!

I am thankful God has blessed me with amazing parents who have tried to instill that in me.  That’s my heart.  I love being different!  Jesus is different.  How many people do you know have lived a perfect life, willingly took on a cross- so that people MIGHT be saved(if they choose to accept His offer), and then not only died for them, but raised!!  

We hear stories of people taking a bullet for someone, running in the fire to save someone, etc., BUT there is only one time I have heard of a man who rose from the dead so that I may live and be born again through Him!  Only once- JESUS.
I say all of that to say this:  Senior Year is here.  Senior year is going to be over before I know it and I do not want to look back regretting not completely, fully going after the heart of God.  And that includes me telling His people.
My challenge for you, wherever you are (a student maybe, college, work, businessman, teacher, pastor, “not sure”-ha!) that you would tell His people.  Tell Gods children that someone bought them, they are adopted by Christ, they have hope, they can have joy everlasting, and love from a perfect God.  

God is unchanging and is always changing.  -Annmarie Cash

I have my name under that, but can’t take credit because those are God’s words, not mine!  God has shown me that He never changes, is always constant, consistent, and will forever be that way.  He is unchanging.  BUT God is always changing heart.  God hanged views, brokenness, blindness, and most importantly, dead people to alive people!

Isaiah 58:11 

The LORD will always lead you, satisfy you in a parched land, and strengthen your bones. You will be like a watered garden and like a spring whose waters never run dry.

Have a great week and make the most of your Monday!  Also, please let me know of anything I should talk about on the blog!  This is a life blog and, if you havnt caught on yet, I talk about my faith a lot because it IS my life!  So, if there is anything I should touch on again in more depth, a certain scripture, or anything really!! I’m open to ideas! (: Thank ya’ll!!


4 thoughts on “.Senior Year.

  1. You speak the truth! Not many teenagers do speak about their faith! I don’t know you all that well, but what I do know of you, I am proud of! You have many talents!


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