.Small Town.


Hey everyone!!  Sorry I’ve been gone a while, I have had a super busy week doing “senior things”.  Lol It’s been Senior Week and we had an eventful, busy, fun week and I am so glad it’s over now!  Boy, is being a senior exhausting!  Phew!  I had a great week but it’s one of those things I’m not quite sure I could do another full week like that!  But again, it was so fun hanging with friends I have not seen in the summer and loved getting to catch up.
Yesterday, I went with my boyfriend, Zachary, over to a small town to visit with his Mamaw while he put up deer cameras and such things!  So while he was outside in the heat, Mamaw and I got to cook, visit, and share stories!  I love that!  Needless to say, I had a great time!  And not to meantion the meal was FABULOUS!
Like I said, I’m going into my senior year, and it’s crazy to think that when I graduate I won’t get to have two very important people there; my Mo and Papaw.  (Not sure where “Mo” came from but it works for us!).  5 years ago Papaw passed away from a brain tumor and this past March was 1 year since Mo passed away.  They were from the same town Zach’s family is from and, little did I know, we shared that similarity!
I have really been struggling these past couple weeks because Mo and Papaw have been on my mind constantly, especially this week (Senior Week).  I just always pictured Mo, my grandmother who was wheelchair-bound,  sitting in the area for the handicapped guests in the stadium where my school has graduation.  And I’ve lately come to the realization that she won’t be there and Papaw won’t be sitting next to her there.  That’s where I’m at right now.  I’m struggling with acceptance of this because I want my family home.  BUT, I know they were called to their true home.  And God has all of our family right where He wants them.
Sorry to go on a tangent about Graduation.  But I can do that because I’m the blogger.  So I have a lil’ power being the author;) HA. Back to the trip..  The last time I went there, I only had my permit and was driving my Mo in her car to visit her sister there.  It was so good going back, but also very hard because I had only ever gone there with Mo and Papaw when he was alive.
I am SO glad I had that opportunity though.  Being with his Mamaw in her cute little house away from stress and chaos..it was so good.  I needed that.  Mamaw is a lot like how my Mo was.  They are both very wise.  I heard many stories about her growing up, her life story, and how she is where she is!  She is such a sweet humble woman of God and SUCH a hard worker! (All characteristics of my Mo as well.)  And I know I got a piece of my Mo back while I was there.
When we had to say goodbye to Mamaw and were leaving, I called my Mo’s sister and headed to her little house a couple miles away from Mamaw and got to visit with her!!

Side note #1: THANK YOU GOD for Maps on the iPhone because it’s all long dirt roads that look the same out in the country! Lol

Side note #2: Her name is Willa Mina but Daddy couldn’t say Aunt Mina so she was called “Aunt Meener” even though she is FAR from mean!! 🙂

Aunt Meener told me some stories about my Papaw; some I knew but not in total.  After Papaw passed away, Mo gave me a ring that was his mother’s.  When he was 8 years old, he was dropped off at camp, otherwise known as an orphanage, and was told, “I’ll be back tomorrow.”  So he waited for his mom everyday at that gate until he turned 17 and was legally able to leave.  While he was there, he got into trouble and he later told Aunt Meener he knew what he was doing, and he did that to hear a woman’s voice talk to him.  You see, he would get in trouble by the lady there but he would rather hear that scolding from a woman than to not hear a woman’s voice at all.  All he wanted was to hear a woman’s voice and would do whatever to get that attention from her.

After leaving, he and Mo got married and went back to find his mom.  Turns out she had bipolar disorder.  She gave him a diamond ring to remember her by and today, I daily wear that ring to remember Papaw.
I got to spend the afternoon with Mamaw and Aunt Meener and I know Mo was there too.  I know she and Papaw were laughing at the stories and conversations going on.  I know they were glad I got to go back there- back to their home.


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