.Even the little things.

 So as I said on the “About” page, I am getting BACK on my workout plan!! Back in January we(my family) got our gym membership and were consistently going multiple days a week for a long while until I got super busy with end of the year school events and much more! Since then, I’ve been back tracking from where I was and recently started back up! Yay!
We always went to BodyPump class and loved it! My mom, sister, aunt, and I recently tried out Spin(first time for my sister and I) and I LOVE it!! My favorite part is the end when we walk out! Lol
Tonight I went to Yoga there for the second time and of course she’s talking *in her calming voice* the entire time. She’s saying to clear your mind and be calm and relax and blah blah blah and it’s going really good, right?! Well the end she starts talking about truly relaxing and focusing more and more on your breathing.

She said, “Remember that with every breath you take, you have a reason and purpose. As you feel your heart beat and as you take deep breaths, remember that you were given those breaths and should be thankful. Send a prayer of thanksgiving for every breath you take.”

Okay ya’ll…Part of me honestly wanted to giggle in the class when certain phrases were said and AT THE SAME TIME..they expect me to keep my balance on one foot turned sidewise?!?!  Me keeping my balance is a joke, much less trying to balance in weird ways(aka me falling down in the back corner making my family laugh).

BUT, I started to think… How many times do I thank God for my breath? What about my heart beating? Am I thankful for my life itself?  Every day, every night, and every SECOND of every moment we breathe. We inhale and exhale without even thinking about it. We don’t have to process how we take it in or breathe it put. We don’t have to think about how to make our heart beat or even our blood pump through our body.  Our body does this all only by God’s grace.

God gives us life consistently and we never think about thanking Him for that.

Think about the simple things in life. Do you thank Him? If I’m honest, I know I don’t always thank God for the simple things in my life all the time either.
God shows us His blessings in small things and in large things. And quite often we overlook the small things.

In scripture it talks about the holy place and the man being struck down and his wife after.  Remember that story?  We think, “how harsh” but that shows Gods power and how serious He is that we take the kingdom serious as well. It also makes us remember that our life is not guaranteed because it is not our life anyway. My life is God’s and it is so much easier said than actually living that.
Do I make a daily decision to devote my day to CHRIST?

My prayer that God has put on my heart lately:

Give me a zeal to learn much, grow deep, and desire Your Word alone. Amen

Also, if you’re looking for new workout attire, go check out Cara’s Boutique!  We have a TON of styles for all ages! We have Tween, Teen, Miss, and Plussize sections and now even workout clothes (leggings, tanks, sportsbras)!  |The leggings and tank pictured is sold there|  Cara is an amazing woman of God and chooses to put Him first in all that we do.  She blessed her customers just as God has blessed us.  So thankful to have an amazing boss! #notjankie


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