Starting something a little different for me, yet something I’ve always wanted to do.  After reading Callie’s blog, my cousin, and Taylor’s fashion blog, my boyfriend’s sister, I finally did what I have said I would do and am now starting this blog on life. So thanks to Cal and Tay for the inspiration and loving me like their own sister.  Love y’all as my own!

I am going into this blog full on.  I have high expectations for this because God can use small things to change BIG things.  I pray that this blog, even if it only has a single view (aka MY MOM), can give encouragement to someone, mend broken hearts back into Christ’s image, and help shine light on the fact that You Are Not Alone.  All three of those expectations are only able and possible through the blood of Jesus Christ.  I hope that one can see my true heart not only in my blog, but in my actions for those of you who know me or live in my area.  I use the term “one” and “someONE” because I know that God may use this to reach one single person and yet HE is also capable of using a small blog to reach the entire world.  I trust God will help guide me on topics and conversations through this season of blogging to help reach even a small piece of those lost.  You are never too far gone to come back HOME.


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